Edmonton Brunch Odyssey #3 – Ampersand 27 vs Wildflower Grill


Two restaurants attached to hotels. One in Old Strathcona, and the other Downtown. The chef at one used to be the chef at the other. Plenty of good reasons to put Ampersand 27 and Wildflower Grill together in the Brunch Odyssey, so that’s what I did. Ampersand 27 – 10612 Whyte avenue Fancy plating and […]

How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

If there is one thing I avoid ordering at a restaurant, it’s scrambled eggs. They’re always either overcooked and watery, or undercooked and watery. Either way, they’re horrible and inedible. In fact, up until about a year ago, I hated eggs. I refused to eat ’em, most likely because every experience I had growing up […]