D.I.Y. Pizza- Project Pie, San Diego


I’m not what you would call a Pizza snob. You’ll never hear me use words like “traditional”, or “authentic” in regards to pizza, because I just don’t care about that stuff. I only care about if it tastes good. Plus, big words are hard to spell. I’ll stick to “mmmm”, and “yum”, thank you very […]

The Shack of My Dreams- Carnitas Snack Shack, San Diego

Sliced ribeye steak sandwich- The best sandwich I've ever eaten

Is 3 trips to the same restaurant during a paltry 1 week holiday too much? Is that too narrow minded in focus, robbing you of precious opportunities to sample more of what the local dining scene has to offer? If you answered yes, then clearly you’ve never been to the Carnitas Snack Shack, in beautiful […]

Burger Lounge- San Diego

The Lounge Burger

We’re always up for a great burger, so when we got suggestions from from San Diego locals to check out Burger Lounge, we couldn’t resist. The look and feel of The Burger Lounge reminded us a lot of Clive Burger in Calgary. Fittingly, just as the Custard Shakes at Clive caught Robyn’s eye first, at […]