The Great Edmonton Perogy Showdown- Round 2

best perogies edmonton

Round 1 of the peogy taste testing was a really interesting study for me. Certainly I’ve found since sharing the results of round 1, that people are quite passionate about their perogies, and that they are keen to discuss that passion. That’s a fantastic thing, and I hope you all continue to share your thoughts […]

Off Menu Ep. 5- Food Forum


  This episode is the first Food Forum; every fifth episode of Off Menu will bring together some of the finest food writers, chefs, and food fanatics in Edmonton and beyond to discuss new restaurants, trends, or food news of the moment. My guests on this first Food Forum are 2 pillars of the Edmonton […]

The Great Edmonton Perogy Showdown

Edmonton perogies

Edmonton is a bit of a hotbed for perogies, due to our large Ukrainian population, but it seems that everyone has their own ideas on where to find the best ones. Since the demand for perogies goes way up at Christmas, I decided that I should make an effort to find the best ones for […]

Off Menu Episode 4: Emily Richards

Food Network pioneer, Emily Richards

Today’s guest on Off Menu is Guelph, Ontario cookbook author, professional home economist and food network pioneer, Emily Richards. Emily was in town to promote her new cookbook, Per La Famiglia and was kind enough to sit down with me before heading to Jasper Park Lodge for Christmas in November.   Show Notes: The wine […]

Off Menu Episode 3: Shannon Ruzicka

On today’s episode of Off Menu, I talk with Shannon Ruzicka of Nature’s Green Acres. Shannon talks about the benefits of eating grass-fed, her first couple months of living off the land, and her pin-up boy husband, Danny.     Show Notes: Nature’s Green Acres Twitter Facebook Instagram Shannon’s Shoutouts: Tzin Wine and Tapas RGE […]

Off Menu Episode 2: Jacqueline Jacek

Jacqueline Jacek

In today’s Off Menu podcast, I talk with Jacqueline Jacek, the force behind Jacek Chocolate Couture. Jacqueline’s passion for spreading joy is not just an idle philosophy, but is evident in everything she does. Show notes: Jacek Chocolate locations Credo Coffee RGE RD Corso 32 Duchess Bake Shop The Dish Bistro         […]

Edmonton’s Top 5 Food Trucks

Edmonton food trucks

Edmonton summers are beautiful but short, so we like to pack as much outdoor fun into those precious summer months as possible. That’s probably why we have such an infatuation with food trucks, and that infatuation explains why there has been such a rapid proliferation of new ones in the last few years. Edmonton has […]