Edmonton’s Top 5 Fried Chicken

edmonton fried chicken

Everyone loves a Top 5 list, and I’m no exception. That’s why I’ve partnered with Edmonton Tourism to create the following list of the Top 5 Fried Chicken dishes in Edmonton, so you’ll never be caught without a great fried chicken recommendation again. *This list is mostly compiled from notes gathered during my Edmonton Fried […]

The “Best of” YEG Pizza Odyssey

Leva Mushroom and Gorgonzola Pizza

I’ve posted my final rankings already (check it out here), so I thought I’d follow up with a few parting thoughts, and a few different “Best Of” categories. I went into this search for Edmonton’s best pizza believing that I enjoy thin and thick crust pizzas equally, but by the end it was clear the […]

Tater Tot Shepherd’s Pie

The Best Tater Tot Shepherds Pie

Tater tots are awesome. Even the most “foodie” of foodies knows that. Once in a while I go on a tot binge, and start using them in ways the universe never intended, like this Tater Tot Eggs Benny. I’ve yet to find a way I don’t love them. It was on one of my latest […]

Yeg Pizza Odyssey #12- Rosso vs Packrat Louie

Packrat Louie Edmonton

Well it’s here at last – my final head to head challenge in the search for Edmonton’s best pizza. It’s been a blast, but I think I’ve exhausted my list of possible contenders, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Coming into the Odyssey, I would have said Rosso was my favourite pizza in town, […]

The Essential Farmers Markets of Edmonton

photo credit

Over the last couple years, it seems like every time I turn around a new farmers’ market pops up in a different section of the city, and I could not be happier about it. I think that supporting small, local businesses and getting unique, superior products is a trend I can really get behind. Regardless […]