Off Menu Podcast Ep. 16 – Reviewing the Reviewers

Chefs and restaurant reviewers naturally have an awkward relationship at best, and at worst a combative one. Naturally, no chef enjoys being criticised, as nobody in any job would. Even less so when the chef deems the criticisms to be either uninformed or inaccurate. They’ve got a pretty valid point, but they’re kind of damned […]

Relish Burger Closes Edmonton Location

Your burger choices just got a little slimmer, Edmonton. The Relish Gourmet Burger location that opened on 124st last summer has closed its doors. John Wallace, the owner of that location, cites major cost overruns in the construction phase – more than double  what was anticipated – as setting them off on the wrong foot […]

Off Menu Podcast Ep. #15 – Farmers Markets


This week we’re talking about the trials and tribulations of farmers markets with a couple fixtures of the Edmonton farmers market scene. Owen Petersen is owner and head baker at Prairie Mill Bread Company, and veteran of numerous markets including the Southwest Edmonton Farmers Market, and the City Market Downtown, on 104 st. Kirsta Franke […]

Iconic Edmonton Pizzeria Closing Temporarily

Rosebowl Pizza may be an institution in Oliver, but if you want one last pizza in their original location on 117st just north of Jasper Avenue, you better hurry. Rosebowl’s owner, Sam Moukhaiber, says he will close at the end of June, so he and his family can focus their efforts on getting a planned […]

7 Tasty Reasons to Weekend in Saskatoon

Ayden Kitchen Burger

Ask most Edmontonians about a great weekend getaway, and you’ll invariably get the same 3 answers from everyone – Calgary, Jasper, and Banff. While those spots are legitimately fantastic in my books too, what about our oft-forgotten neighbour to the East, Saskatoon? Surely this city of over a quarter million people just an easy 5-hour […]

Off Menu Podcast Ep. 13 – Pass the Walrus Masala

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Pass the Walrus Masala   It’s always exciting when you get to try something new, but imagine a dinner party where every single dish contains something you’d never even imagined eating. That’s Northern Food Night in a nutshell. In this episode, I talk with Steven Cooper, who along with his wife Twyla Campbell created what […]