Pan Fried Squash Cakes

Squash Cake Recipe

With all the burgers I’ve been scarfing down as part of the YEG Burger Odyssey, I’ve been eating lost of simple, veggie- laden meals at home lately.  And since its been a while since I shared a recipe with you all, I thought there’s no better time than the present! One of my go-to meals […]

5 Questions With… Acme Meat Market


  This edition of 5 Questions With… features Amanda Meyer, one half of the duo behind Edmonton’s beloved award winning butcher shop, Acme Meat Market. Now, you all know that I am a huge fan of Acme and their meaty goodness, and I’m equally a fan of Amanda and her husband Corey, the butcher. Ever […]

The YEG Burger Odyssey Visits Austin

Austin burgers

While planning our recent trip to Austin, Texas, I knew we’d have to find a few burgers and compare them to what I’ve had so far in the Yeg Burger Odyssey. We narrowed the list to about a half a dozen possibilities, and figured we’d just fit them into our hectic schedule of bbq eating […]

MEAET- Dinner With a Blindfold and a Fork

Edmonton is awash in philanthropic food events that cater to those with deep pockets, but where are the fun and interesting events for those of us who want to get involved in some way without putting some serious tread marks on our wallets? They’re few and far between. Thankfully my friend, neighbour, and all-around community […]

Win Tickets to the Edmonton Home and Garden Show

bacon blog

It’s been a long, cold winter in Edmonton, but cheer up… spring is here! Along with the melting of all that evil snow, the arrival of spring brings our first taste of food trucks in 2014! Next weekend, March 20-23rd, Drift Food Truck and 3 other local trucks will be open for business at the […]