Episode #6 – RGE RD and Qui Tasting Menus


    This week’s episode of Sweet Tooth and Meat Tooth is all about tasting menus. You know, those tasty, tiny bites that just keep coming – dish after dish of delicious innovation. Karlynn talks about her visit to RGE RD (and her almost disturbing infatuation with a certain silver fox Chef), and I talk […]

YEG Pizza Odyssey #1- The Rock vs Parlour

Pizza at The Parlour

I’m kicking off the search for Edmonton’s best pizza with a battle of wood-fired pizzas in the classic, Neapolitan style. Delving into what constitutes a true Neapolitan style pizza is much more complicated than you’d imagine, so for simplicity’s sake let’s categorize it by these few defining characteristics: Cooked in a wood fired oven, directly […]

A New Year; A New Odyssey

my home version is an early contender

Last year at this time, I was wondering where to find the find the best burger in this fair city, so I went on a journey – The YEG Burger Odyssey – that took me to all 4 corners of Edmonton and even pushed out a bit further. In the end, after many burgers (and many new notches […]

Tips on the Perfect Turkey and Gravy From the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

poultry perfection

No matter how many times you’ve cooked Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, you can always learn a few new tricks from a pro to help things go smoothly. This year I enlisted the head chef at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald Hotel, Serge Jost, to give me a few pointers and of course share them with y’all. […]

Making Fresh Pasta with Top Chef Dale MacKay in Jasper

This year I got to attend Christmas in November at the Jasper Park Lodge for the first time, thanks to the generous sponsorship of The Edmonton Journal’s Gastropost.* Chef Dale MacKay’s session was one of the sessions I was most excited to see coming in, and the Top Chef Season 1 winner did not disappoint. […]