YEG Pizza Odyssey #5- Royal Pizza vs Dallas Pizza

Dallas Pizza

The search for Edmonton’s Best Pizza is in full swing, with another couple of thick crust pies on deck for this week. These 2 contenders have been around a long time, and I tend to think of them as the benchmarks for this style. I’ve eaten both numerous times over the years, and I’ve got […]

YEG Coffee Week- Local Luminaries Make Their Picks

Photo Credit - Sarah Jackson

Be it the amazing aroma and rich delicious flavour of a really good cup of coffee, or the relaxed and inviting feel of a cozy coffee shop, everybody seems to have their own reasons for why they love the spot they love. It’s our insatiable love for that tasty little bean that spawned local coffee […]

Episode #6 – RGE RD and Qui Tasting Menus


    This week’s episode of Sweet Tooth and Meat Tooth is all about tasting menus. You know, those tasty, tiny bites that just keep coming – dish after dish of delicious innovation. Karlynn talks about her visit to RGE RD (and her almost disturbing infatuation with a certain silver fox Chef), and I talk […]

YEG Pizza Odyssey #1- The Rock vs Parlour

Pizza at The Parlour

I’m kicking off the search for Edmonton’s best pizza with a battle of wood-fired pizzas in the classic, Neapolitan style. Delving into what constitutes a true Neapolitan style pizza is much more complicated than you’d imagine, so for simplicity’s sake let’s categorize it by these few defining characteristics: Cooked in a wood fired oven, directly […]